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Trinity Review of Year of Faith

March 5, 2013

Despite the passing of John Robbins, the Trinity Review continues occasionally to publish reviews. The latest one is a review of Rome’s “Year of Faith.” The review takes a position of continuity with respect to Rome – it continues to reject the gospel now, just as it has at least since Trent. The language may be more polished now, but that makes the snare more subtle. One of the best lines in the review was “Once Evangelicals go down the ecumenical path into Rome and its rituals, it is difficult to resist her deceptions, except by the Word of God.” To that I would add that consequently one of the first things that many of Rome’s apologists seem eager to do is to cast suspicion and doubt on the Scriptures and their clarity, as though the Scriptures were hopelessly ambiguous and in need an of external, authoritative interpreter.


P.S. I should add that Benedict XVI’s long-awaited encyclical on faith was not published, allegedly because it was not complete. If it is ever completed and published, the Vatican has already indicated that it will not be an encyclical and will not in itself carry the weight of papal authority.

Timely Article from the Trinity Review

February 2, 2008

This article from the Trinity Review is timed to address the 150th anniversary of the claims of the appearance of a Marian Apparition at Lourdes, France, to a peasant girl. (link to pdf) Nevertheless, the content of the article provides a remarkable context to frame the Holy Water Debate that is just concluding.

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