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Reformed Evangelist Preaches to the ToddBentley-ites

July 30, 2008

The title of this one pretty much sums it up. Check out the detailed account (including some photos and audio) of the Reformed Evangelist’s interaction with the line waiting to attend a Todd Bentley event. (link)


Cook vs. Crook

July 29, 2008

Thomas Twitchell at A Rose by Any Other Name has an amusing post (with a remarkable URL) comparing a crook and a cook. (link)

New Age Heresies

July 19, 2008

These days, from what I can see, the “New Age Movement” is no longer quite as hip as it was (under that name, at any rate) a decade or two ago. It has since branched out in various regards, and I would be unsurprised if crystal sales have either tailed off, or at least stopped growing at the same rate.

The “New Age Movement,” however, is part of a larger overall anti-Christ movement that seeks to avoid the authority of Scripture. It is a powerful movement. Gail A. Riplinger’s over-estimation of the movement should not lead us to dismiss its reality. As Scripture explains, we do not wrestle against “flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

Today, thanks to the Internet as well as to satellite televisions, the more blatant manifestations of this spirit of evil are open for all to see. What many, particularly the younger folk, may not recognize is that this nothing new. Todd Bentley and the rest of the Lakeland gang of rogues and heretics are not original.

I hope that the videos below help to demonstrate that fact. The first is a montage of clips including Bentley’s “Revival” as well as the similar manifestations by earlier heretics, by Indian pagans, and by “New Age” cults (including those connected with certain branches of Yoga).

Notice that in this trailer for Religulous (Re-lig’-you-luss) the prominence of the anti-Christian religions and mockery of the true religion by way of linking and comparison to those false religions. It’s obviously an inflammatory documentary that will appeal mostly to liberal inclusivists, secularists, and militant atheists.

Nevertheless, we need to be ready to explain the difference between the true Christian faith (defined by Scripture) and the substitutes defined by the New Age movement, the Vatican, Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda (who claims to be the second coming of Christ), Mohamed, Pelagius, and so forth.

We also need to be ready address the criticisms of scoffers like Bill Maher who refuse to see the difference between Biblical Christianity and Santa Claus. One may note that one prominent anti-Christian religion doesn’t seem to get much (if any) assault in the trailer: Judaism (though based on interviews Mr. Maher has done, it appears that footage of the “Wailing Wall” will be included).

Suffice to say that this film, which will undoubtedly exhibit Bill Maher’s excellent wit, and the high production quality that we’ve come to associate with Lionsgate movies. It will be watched, and it will confuse and mislead those who don’t know better.

Bill Maher’s point in making the film is to deny the reality of Hell. On Larry King, he explained that the thesis is to suggest that his answer to people who tell him what happens when you die is to tell them, “You don’t know.” Mr. Maher is wrong, of course. We do know what happens when people die: they come before the Judge of all the Earth to account for what they have done. If there is any sin in them, the just judgment for that sin is Hell. There is only one way that one will not suffer the just judgment for one’s sins, and that is the way taught in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments. That one way is by repentance of one’s sins and faith in Christ alone for salvation. It’s a message that the world opposes, but it is the only way to be saved. If you are reading this and realize that you are trusting in something else to provide you with a proper standing before God when you die (whether that is your church, your personal holiness, or the general mercy of God) I strongly urge you to think again. Pick up a Bible and learn about God and the way of salvation from the guilt of sin.


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