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The Cost of What?

February 21, 2010

My friend Dr. White posted a link earlier today to an article by Tim Rogers (link to article). The article is titled, “The Cost of Following Christ.”

One might expect, then, that the article would explain someone’s struggle in view of persecution for being a Christian. What a surprise, then, when the article is mostly a complaint that my friend Dr. White has criticized Dr. Ergun Caner. After all, my friend Dr. White has never (and would never) criticize Dr. Caner for following Christ.

The article points out that there is a ten part video that aims to show that Dr. Ergun Caner was never a devout Muslim. If the article had simply noted that much of that ten part video is absurd, I’d agree (it seems that most of the ten part video series is criticism of Caner for not using the correct pronunciation of various words), I’d agree.

Frankly, I think one should be careful about trying to silence criticism of Caner, given his apparent propensity to report facts inaccurately. Listen to the following two clips and let me know if you can reconcile the two of them.

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