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Thoughts on the PCA, Wilson, and Keller

May 31, 2011

“On the other hand, a denomination that rejects the orthodoxy of Doug Wilson out of hand while embracing Tim Keller unquestioningly is a denomination which has lost sight of what Reformed theology is all about.”

Some thought provoking comments from the BaylyBlog. I’m not sure I agree with their comments, but it is still an interesting perspective on the PCA’s current state of affairs.

I think there is work already in progress to deal with the Tim Keller situation. One reason for prioritizing the FV as something to be addressed first would seem to be the allegation that the FV is denying justification by faith alone. Whether or not that accusation is true, such a denial would seem to be a more central error than the errors associated with Tim Keller by his detractors.


UPDATED to correct Pastor Keller’s first name.

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