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Tim Guthrie – Highly Offended at Being Wrongly Linked to Ergun Caner

July 30, 2010

According to Tim Guthrie: “never before tonight has a Christian or lost person so misrepresented and bore false witness” (source).

The charge? Dr. White allegedly inappropriately linked Guthrie and Caner.

This website (link to website) as of July 30, 2010, has the following list of board members:

Board Members

* Dr. Robert Stewart ([removed e-mail address to avoid spammers])
* James Walker
* Ergun Caner
* Tim Guthrie
* Jerry Holbrook
* Bob Anderson
* Jeff McLean
* Alice Pitchford
* Laura Arnn
* David Henke

But there is no wrath in Tim Guthrie’s post against the website for placing him and Caner next to one another. All of Guthrie’s fury is directed against Dr. White for jumping to the conclusion that Guthrie and Caner serve on the board together.

Guthrie, in a fit of indignation, went so far as to make the absolutely ludicrous claim: “Mr. White fabricated the whole connection thing.”

Really? Did Dr. White hack the Watchmen website so that Guthrie’s name spuriously appeared next to Dr. Caner’s? If Guthrie is going to be upset at someone for linking him to Dr. Caner, he should be upset with the Watchman organization.

– TurretinFan

UPDATE: Dr. White’s hacking skillz update:

Apparently, to create this massive fiction that Tim Guthrie was on the board of Watchman with Ergun Caner, Dr. White not only hacked the current page, but also managed to go back in time and hack the pages for the last few years:

2008 Archive page

2007 Archive page

2006 Archive page

First Archive page I could find showing Guthrie and Caner as on the board at Watchman

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