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Covenantal Divide Between Presbyterians and non-Dispensational Reformed Baptist

August 23, 2008

I enjoyed reading a recent post at the Thomas Goodwin blog, where the pseudonymous (like the present author) author provided some interesting commentary on the minority position held by Owen in contrast to that of the other major Reformed writers (Witsius, van Mastricht, and Turretin). (link) I would tend to see Owen’s view as being consistent with Reformed Baptist (of the non-dispensational variety) position, whereas the other major Reformers would tend to favor the Presbyterian view. This is of particular interest in view of recent dialog and debate on the issues of infant baptism between Reformed Baptists and conservative Presbyterians.


Real Goodwin Compared to Real Turretin

July 19, 2008

Over at a Thomas Goodwin blog (hosted by someone who enjoys the writings of the historical Thomas Goodwin – and a blog that I enjoy reading and could generally recommend) there is a new post that compares Goodwin and Turretin on the issue of what would have happened to Adam had he continued in righteousness. It is an interesting hypothetical question. Being such an open fan of Turretin, I would not want to suggest to anyone that they should take my word that Turretin makes the stronger case.

On the other hand, the main point that Goodwin makes (as I understand it), namely that no promise of confirmation in righteousness after a time of righteous obedience is promised in Scripture, makes some intuitive sense and provides the reader who is interested in the topic with a reason to peruse in more detail the arguments presented by each side.

I would respectfully submit that in limiting one’s research of Turretin on the issue to Topic 8, Question 6 (as it appears the TG blog has), one may miss some of the other things Turretin said on the issue, particularly in the third topic of the first part of Turretin’s Institutes (around question 13).

Here’s a link to the Thomas Goodwin blog’s article (link).


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