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Ridiculous Accusations Refuted

November 10, 2008

I read a touching testimonial today about the apparent conversion of a four-year-old child (link). There would be no particular reason for me to blog this (as wonderful as it is), except for the fact that those under the power of sin have responded by accusing this woman of “child abuse.” Why?


a) She explains to her children that they are sinners.

But this is both the truth and the woman’s Christian duty to tell them.

b) She *might* be spanking her children.

But this is both the proper and loving way to discipline children according to the Bible.


The problem with the folks launching these ridiculous accusations against this Christian woman is that they do not know the truth. These accusers are not followers of God, nor are they students of His Word. Their eyes have not been opened to see the truth of the Gospel. That’s the reason they reject the Word of God and accuse this poor woman as they do.

They ought to be ashamed of themselves.

What’s interesting is that they lob the accusation “child abuse” for convicting a child of sin from an early age. On the other hand, these people have no moral basis for denouncing even actual child abuse (much less saving a child’s soul). Furthermore, in their false accusation they actually wish to bring about child abuse in the form of parents neglecting the spiritual state of their children.

The true child abuse is neglecting to tell children of their sin. The true child abuse (by way of neglect) is failing to speak of things of God to one’s children. It is truly abusive (by way of neglectfulness) to refuse to give corporeal discipline to a child that needs it.

These anti-God critics need to think again, for on the side of this woman is God and His Word. They may not like to believe it, and they may prefer to listen to the mockery of the likes of Dawkins. Nevertheless, God does exist and He has spoken. Those who stop their ears will only be able to do so for so long. Eventually everyone passes on and goes to meet their maker.

Repent and believe now, while their is time.


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