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Part of the Problem of the Label "Theonomy"

October 30, 2008

For example, I tend to call myself a “theonomist,” and yet I reject (for the reasons mentioned in the article) the “theonomy” described in this excellent article (link) by Pastor Sherman Isbell.

UPDATE: (New Link)


Experimental Religion

September 2, 2008

Experimental religion is an easily misunderstood concept. It does not mean that we learn religion in a laboratory. Instead, it means that Christianity is a lived religion.

Sherman Isbell has a pair of excellent addresses on this topic from the 2008 Free Church Conference.

Both are available from, which – for some features – requires registration.

(Part 1)

(Part 2)


John Murray on Pictures of Christ

February 19, 2008

As John Murray explains:

The question of the propriety of pictorial representations of the Saviour is one that merits examination. It must be granted that the worship of Christ is central in our holy faith, and the thought of the Saviour must in every instance be accompanied with that reverence which belongs to his worship. We cannot think of him without the apprehension of the majesty that is his. If we do not entertain the sense of his majesty, then we are guilty of impiety and we dishonor him.

It will also be granted that the only purpose that could properly be served by a pictorial representation is that it would convey to us some thought or lesson representing him, consonant with truth and promotive of worship. Hence the question is inescapable: is a pictorial representation a legitimate way of conveying truth regarding him and of contributing to the worship which this truth should evoke?

Find out Murray’s answer and explanation and reasons in this well-written article provided by Sherman Isbell, and originally printed in the Reformed Herald (link to article).


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