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A Traditionalist Response to John Stott’s (and others’) Arguments for Annihilationism

August 28, 2013

The title of this blog post refers to an interesting article by Robert A. Peterson, who was (and I believe still is) professor of systematic theology at Covenant Theological Seminary.  (Here is a link to the article.)

The arguments answered include the following:

1. The “Vocabulary of Destruction” Argument
2. The Hell-Fire Imagery Argument
3. The Justice of God Argument
4. The “Universalist Passages” Argument
5. The Conditional Immortality Argument

One serious question I would have for my friends and acquaintances who hold to, are sympathetic to, or are considering the annihilationist position: does this exhaust the major divisions of the annihilationist arsenal?  I’m not asking whether you find Peterson’s responses to be comprehensive and compelling, although I personally found many of them useful.  Rather, I’m asking whether he has identified the major points of dispute.  Is there some other major argument area that needs to be addressed?


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