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Muller on the Reformation

November 3, 2009

The following is a very brief response I had written and placed on hold some time ago, but which I might as well post now. After that is some more recent news, brought to my attention by the helpful folks at Historical Theoblogy.

*** Older Portion ***

I’ve perceived that Ponter, battered and bruised by the Biblical (and Confessional) broadside against his bellicose and bilious banter, has pursued an even less productive path, pointing to his pal Muller as prince (or perhaps pope!) of Protestant pigeonholing (here’s Ponter’s Post).

Bah. [Both to the technique used and to my silly overuse of adjectives and consonation.]

Muller is part of the Calvin vs. Calvinist movement, which is a blemish on his record. As Dr. Chad van Dixhoorn recently noted, “Ward’s two chapters strike a more militant tone, and begin by chastening the public for their ignorant assumptions about the Assembly – a now commonplace introduction for lectures and studies about the gathering. He then takes up the hammer that Muller usually wields and batters away at the Calvin-versus-Calvinist arguments that continue to encrust otherwise attractive post Reformation research.”(Emphasis added – source)

One doesn’t have to be an anonymous internet apologist to recognize that just because one or two historians make a claim about the Reformation, doesn’t make it so. Muller doesn’t have anything better to back up his claims than Ponter has … although perhaps Muller would be more circumspect about how makes such claims.


I had drafted the above some time ago, and left it in draft mode. However, now it seems Muller has provided a new article on Calvin and Calvinism which concludes that neither Calvin nor the Calvinists were Calvinists. Muller ends up qualifying himself quite heavily, but I suspect it will simply be more fodder for the cannon of our Amyraldian friends (link to report regarding Muller’s paperdirect link to Muller’s paper)

My comment about him not having anything better than Ponter is almost certainly an overstatement, though Ponter has scrounged for material quite doggedly. I encourage folks to read Muller’s paper, if only to get a better idea of a more moderate stance on the “Calvin vs. the Calvinists” position than what one would see at Ponter’s blog.


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