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A Reformed Baptist Response to the Manhattan Declaration

December 25, 2009

It’s a bit long, but an enjoyable 45 minutes of Reformed Baptist response to the Manhattan Declaration:

– TurretinFan

Unity vs. Disunity – Round 2

November 25, 2009

Dr. White has responded (link to Dr. White’s response) to some comments found at a Roman Catholic blog (link to source of comments).

Dr. White points out that Reformed Baptists worldwide are far more unified than Roman Catholics. He’s right, of course. But he could have taken the matter further.

He’s being far too fair to the Roman Catholics.

After all, the Roman Catholic approach is to contrast the unity within their sect to the unity among either “all other groups” or “all other groups of some particular category.” They are not willing to compare themselves to Reformed Baptists (where they would lose the unity battle) but instead they try to compare themselves to a bundle of many different groups.

The Roman Catholic argument works for every group. Eastern Orthodoxy is far more unified than the collection of all groups that are not Eastern Orthodox. Anglicans are far more unified than the collection of all groups that are non-Anglican – or even all Protestants that are non-Anglican. And so on, and so forth. Reformed Baptists are more unified than all non-Reformed Baptists.


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