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Only Slightly Less Spooky Than Voting in America

November 4, 2008

Americans today have a number of unpleasant voting options that I’ve already discussed. Hopefully, by the time any Americans who read this blog are reading this (if not, they may enjoy this link), they will have already voted. For them, and for the the rest of the world, perhaps something a little less spooky, but still American will provide a bit of relief from the political dilemma.

Pumpkin Carvings!

The following round-up (ha) provides some of the leading pumpkin carvings out there:


Via Matthew Lankford – Daylight
Via Matthew Lankford – Illuminated by Interior Candle
Via Matthew Lankford – Artist with Creation, Vectorized


Via Reformation 21

Graven Images, Supposedly of Jesus (not recommended)

Via Purgatorio

Poe Raven (and other designs)

Via Glenn Hendrickson

TurretinFan does not endorse using any of these images in worship, does not endorse the holiday of “Halloween,” and is not out of his gourd (ha) – he just wants to get his mind off of American politics for a bit.

May God have mercy on America today,


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