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Psalm 1 – NVBSE Collated

May 29, 2008

In this post, the Nova Vulgata, Bibliorum Sacrorum Editio (available without visible copyright here (link) ) is compared with the Old Latin Version (adopted by Trent and based on the Septuagint) and Jerome’s translation (based on the Hebrew). My primary source for the text of the Old Latin (OL) and Jerome’s translation (H), as well as for Latin textual variants (except as noted otherwise) is Gryson’s Biblia Sacra Vulgata, fifth edition. Additionally, the Clementine Vulgate (C) is referenced, as is the Complutensian Polyglot (P for the main Latin column of the Polyglot or both [where both columns are the same] readings, and P* for the reading provided inter-linear in the Greek column). It should be noted that all punctuation is modern, neither the OL nor H having punctuation in the ancient copies. Although P has punctuation, I have not collated it. I have not collated the line divisions, per se, and P is not arranged with the line divisions in mind.

1 Beatus vir, qui non abiit in consilio impiorum
et in via peccatorum non stetit
et[a] in conventu[b] derisorum[c] non sedit,
2 sed in lege Domini voluntas eius,
et in lege eius meditatur[d] die ac nocte.
3 Et erit tamquam lignum [e] plantatum[f] secus decursus[g] aquarum,
quod fructum suum dabit in tempore suo;
et folium eius non defluet,
et omnia, quaecumque[h] faciet,[i] prosperabuntur.[j]
4 Non sic impii, non sic,[k]
sed tamquam pulvis, quem proicit ventus. [l]
5 Ideo[m] non consurgent[n] impii in iudicio,
neque peccatores in concilio[o] iustorum.
6 Quoniam novit Dominus viam iustorum,
et iter impiorum peribit.

[a] w/ OL, C, & P; H omit (some textual evidence for “et” in H)
[b] for conventu OL, H, C, & P cathedra
[c] w/ H & P, for derisorum OL, C, & P* pestilentiae
[d] for meditatur OL, H, C, & P meditabitur
[e] OL, C, & P* insert quod after lignum
[f] w/ OL, C, & P*, for plantatum H & P transplantatum
[g] w/ OL, for secus decursus H iuxta rivulos P iuta riuos, add C & P* est before secus decursus
[h] w/ OL, C, & P*, for quaecumque H & P quod
[i] w/ OL, C, & P*, for faciet H & P fecerit
[j] w/ OL, C, & P*, for prosperabuntur H & P prosperabitur
[k] w/ OL, C, & P*, H & P omit non sic
[l] w/ H, add OL, C, & P* a facie terrae
[m] w/ OL, C, & P*, for ideo H propterae P propterea
[n] for consurgent OL, H, C, & P resurgent
[o] w/ OL, C, & P*, for concilio H & P congregatione

As you can imagine, this sort of process is time consuming. I hope to have more posts in a similar vein, but I cannot promise them any time soon. One interesting fact emerges that in this psalm, already three variants exist [b], [d], and [n] that seem to contradict the general testimony of the ancient and renaissance Latin versions. Additionally, it should be noted that the NV seems generally to prefer the translations of the LXX to the translations of the Hebrew, where the two differ.


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