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Apparently You Still Can Get Excommunicated …

September 27, 2007

Although it is the first time it happened in Little Rock in 165 years, a few nuns have been excommunicated (according to the journalists it was for heresy …) (source).

One of the nuns’ comments:

“We are at peace and we know that for us we are doing the right thing. We pray that the church will open their eyes before it is too late. This is God’s work through Mary, the blessed mother, and we’re doing what we’re asked to do. She [the founder of the group] is doing only what God and Mary tells her to do.”

What was their heresy? Allegedly they believe that an 86 year old nun in their midst is a reincarnation of Mary, the mother of Jesus, and that God speaks directly through her.

That would seem to give her authority independent of the church, which – of course – cannot be tolerated by Rome. If there is one lesson to be learned from Rome’s opposition to Sola Scriptura, that is the lesson.

An affilliated group, the “Sons of Mary,” was apparently not excommunicated for heresy, though its spokesman said: “The Virgin Mary took possession of her soul. I would rather say it that way.”

Bizarre stuff, but Mary speaking would not be God speaking, and consequently would not be divine revelation. Thus, apparently, such a view is tolerable within Roman Catholicism (however odd it may be).

I would not be the least surprised if the woman was possessed, but it is shame that the blessed Mother of Christ would be accused of possessing her.


P.S. No, Jonathan, this is not the post I was referring to.

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