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Caner’s Old Biography Photos

May 26, 2010

One of the troubling things that Dr. Caner has done was to post the following three photos, with the captions set forth below each.(source)

Caption: “Dr. Caner Reading in Mosque”

Caption: “Dr. Caner in the Mosque with his father.”

Caption: “Dr. Caner in the Mosque youth group holding a rifle.”

There are a few problems with these photos. First, in the top picture one can clearly see that the boy is wearing shoes. Normally Muslims remove their shows on entering a mosque. Second, in the middle picture, the man shown is not Acar Caner, the father of Ergun Caner. Also, again notice that each of the boys is wearing shoes. It’s less clear whether shoes are being worn in the third image – the boy on the left does appear to be wearing shoes. Finally, the “rifle” in the bottom picture appears to be a BB gun, such as one of the models shown in this advertisement:
Returning again to the third picture, note that there is no obvious safe backdrop for a real rifle to be used. However, if you look very closely, you will see above the elbow of the boy’s left arm an unusual shadow that could be the shadow of the horizontal portion of a small shelf or stand, or it could be a shadow of a paper target held in the boy’s hand – or any number of things. It’s really not clear. Such a target or stand would be consistent with playing some sort of shooting/target practice game, although the target and the support for the target is more or less completely obscured by the boy at left. Perhaps someone with sharper eyes than mine can make it out.

– TurretinFan

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