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Methodist Pastor Jumps Ship

January 18, 2008

A man who was, until recently, a senior pastor at what is the third largest Methodist church recently made the move from non-Catholic synergism to Catholic synergism (link).

One order of Elder: Two (main) Offices Therein

January 18, 2008

These days, when most ruling elders have a part-time vocation (to that post, and a full time “secular” vocation) and most teaching elders are full-time, it is easy for people to begin to give greater authority to “the preacher.” It is easy for this to happen, but it ought not.

Consider these words that I recently happened to stumble across: “both the gospel minister and the ruling elder are the biblical presbyter, and that these are distinguishable offices within one order” (link).

There are distinguishable, yes, and yet of equal dignity. Read the article at the link for more info.


The Real Turretin – on Christian Liberty

January 14, 2008

Andrew Compton has provided a transcription (with commentary) of what the Real Francis Turretin had to say about Christian Liberty (first part) (second part). These thoughts are especially timely in a day when the Baptists are drawing new battle lines over the issue of forbidding folks from drinking.

Thanks, Andrew, for publishing his remarks!


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