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Colour Me Impressed!

August 31, 2009

This takes Scripture memorization the full distance (link). And what’s even better, the person in question is not content with simply memorizing the Bible: “I want a relationship with Jesus more than just reading and memorizing verses,” he’s reported as saying.


News from the Front

February 11, 2008

Praise be to the Lord for this encouraging word about the continued success of the allied forces against Al-Qaeda in Iraq (link).

A house divided against itself cannot stand.


Check Out James White’s New Site

January 24, 2008

My measily Zoom Cloud shouldn’t get all the attention (though I presume its flattered), when Dr. James White and his Alpha and Omega Ministries has a brand new look for their web site (link), and an interesting new article addressing Piper, addressing Islam (link).


Of the life of the real Turretin

January 22, 2008

Here’s an article, the first portion of which discusses the real Turretin (link).

Jackson’s Birthday

January 21, 2008

And, of course, as a follow-up to my previous post (link), today is the birthday of General “Stonewall” Jackson: military hero and devout Christian gentleman. Born in 1824. Read more here.

UPDATE: Benjamin Glaser’s tribute (here).

Shibboleth Typing Tool

January 13, 2008

A cool tool I recently noticed, available for free from Logos ( It lets you type in a variety of non-standard arcane scripts. It includes some very nifty tools.

Also of note this Tyndale Tech Tool (, which may be better than Logos’ tool.

Gene Stirs the Pot

January 10, 2008

Gene, over at Triablogue, has stirred the Holy Water pot with a recent post (link) that addresses some of the issues he sees with the post presented by Dave Armstrong (link provided via this earlier post), generally approving (and minorly editing) PhatCatholic’s opening argument in the Holy Water Debate. Carrie adds (at least) a few ripples with her quotation on the power of priests (link).

UPDATE: Dave Armstrong has replied (link) in not perhaps the nicest of tones, which included (at the time of writing this, a concluding paragraph threatening Gene’s soul).

UPDATE: Gene has responded (link) to Dave’s reply.

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