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Nadir Ahmed v. Dr. James White

April 10, 2008

Here’s a debate that Dr. White conducted with a Muslim opponent. I’m providing all eleven segments embedded below. I thought that the debate went very well for Dr. White, but that’s mostly because his opponent clearly did not have a clue how to debate.

Dr. White’s opponent committed many rookie mistakes. For example, he failed to use a large chunk of his available time during his constructive speech, he made statements rather than questions during the cross-examination when it was his turn to ask, he diverted away from answering the questions into speeches, he demanded answers from his opponent at incorrect times, he diverted away from the debate topic to personal self-promotion, he made assertions that were not reflective of what had actually happened in the debate, he used rhetorical tricks that were rather obvious, and he made openly inflammatory claims.

His passion is clear, and his Muslim convictions are clear. The fact is, however, that he doesn’t understand how to conduct himself in a debate.

Segment 1

I hope that these embedded videos are for your edification.

May the Truth enlighten the minds of the billion or so Muslims that currently populate the world,


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