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Eastern Orthodox Monks (Again)

November 9, 2008

We’ve reported on this sort of thing before. Eastern Orthodox monks sparring with each other. Here are two reports of a clash (one clash, two reports) between Greek and Armenian monks in Jerusalem (first reportsecond report). Why even mention it?

a) Because people forget that there is disunity both among those who claim to hold to Sola Scriptura and those who claim to deny it;

b) Because the monks, being some of the most zealous members of their religions, are fair representatives, not merely nominal adherents;

c) Because, today, disagreements between Evangelical denominations (even if fierce) are not addressed by violence.


Nun Pro Tunc

February 5, 2008

Apparently the number of nuns (and monks) in the Roman Catholic Church has been on a steady and strong decline since Vatican II, although the overall membership of the RCC has continued to steadily increase. During the reign of John Paul II, the ranks of the nuns declined by about 25%, and a new report indicates that from 2005 to 2006 the ranks thinned by 10%. (source)

The reason? Death.

Old nuns are dying or and many other nuns are simply abandoning their vows. There are new recruits, but the new recruits are not keeping pace with the exiting folks.

The current breakdown according to the article is:

1.1 Billion Catholics
of which
0.09% are in monastic orders (total: 945,210)
of which
753,400 are women (about 0.13% of all Catholic women)
191,810 are men (about 0.04% of all Catholic men)

The Reformation churches have consistently held that monastic vows are unlawful. While we are not rejoicing because of the death of nuns and monks, we are glad to see the ranks of the monastic orders dwindling. It would be a delight if, by God’s grace, the entire monastic system were abolished. This is an example of change for the better brought about by Vatican II, though perhaps not by intent.

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