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Is it a felony?

July 9, 2008

Anyone think that this guy will get charged with kidnapping and/or mayhem? (link) If not, do you think it is because he didn’t remove a literal person from the room (or a little piece of a person)? Or perhaps you think that the crimes of kidnap and mayhem are only crimes with respect to the accidents of humanity and not the substance?

Granted, he may get charged with some lesser crime, like disturbing the peace or possibly some kind of dispossession by fraud (I don’t pretend to know what, if anything, he will be charged with in the end). I’m not encouraging anyone to break any laws. I’m also not encouraging anyone to needlessly offend transubstantionists by going out and obtaining wafers the way this guy did, even if what he did is technically legal.

Any Aristotelean lawyers out there want to take a crack at it?


UPDATE: Another case, same problem, no charges of kidnap brought (link).

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