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Jonathan Prejean on John Calvin

September 16, 2009

Roman Catholic (calls himself “Crimson Catholic”) Jonathan Prejean provides the following description of Calvin:

In my opinion, Calvin’s Institutes is the equivalent of spiritual pornography, worse than anything you hear in 99% of Beatles’ songs, and most people who read it aren’t doing it as an example of Middle French theological literature or as a purely historical document. There’s no doubt in my mind that God hates that book in terms of its theological content, because he hates evil, and that book teaches blasphemy and all sorts of other evils.


It’s truly amazing how folks will rant against Calvin, but when you search their blog (link) for substantiation, you find it completely absent. Obviously, Mr. Prejean is stating his opinion, and yet one would hope that such a harshly negative opinion would have at least some relationship to reality.

Read a copy of the Institutes of the Christian Religion today and see for yourself whether Calvin blasphemes God in that book (html format – multiple formats at Archive – volume 1volume 2), or whether Mr. Prejean’s opinion, while not slanderous (since it is only a statement of his opinion, not an assertion of fact – and since Calvin is dead), is gravely mistaken. And yes, this is one of the books that was on Rome’s “Index of Prohibited Books” back when Rome thought such attempts might work.


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