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>Edwards Comparing the real Francis Turretin and Peter van Mastricht

July 6, 2009

>Edwards on the real Francis Turretin and Peter van Mastricht in comparison:

“Turretine is on Polemical divinity; on the 5 Points, & all other Controversial Points; & is much larger in these than Mastrict; & is better for one that desires only to be thoroughly versed in Controversies. But take Mastrict for divinity in general, doctrine Practice & Controversie; or as an universal system of divinity; & it is much better than Turretine, or any other Book in the world, excepting the Bible, in my opinion.” (source)

Both, of course, are excellent – and we hope to see an English translation of van Mastricht in the next few years.


Explanations of Psalmody’s Decline

October 22, 2008

Jonathan Moersch at Detergere has provided an interesting, if cursory, discussion on the causes of the sad decline among American Evangelicals in the singing of the divinely inspired Psalms. (link)

H.T. to R. Scott Clark for pointing this out to me (link).


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