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Mark Shea on Me on Hitchens and Fry

November 23, 2009

Mark Shea seems unhappy (link to his post). He states:

Speaking of weird partisanship, here’s yet another Calvinist sitting in the peanut gallery and cheering on the atheists because they happen to be quarreling with Catholics. Better that God be blasphemed than that any slight pettiness of the 16th Century quarrel be abandoned for one second. We must have our priorities!

He’s complaining because I posted a link to a debate in which a Roman Catholic archbishop and a Roman Catholic member of the British parliament got trounced in a debate with Hitchens and Fry (link to my previous post).

He didn’t make the same complaint when I posted a link to a debate between Hitchens and Dinesh D’Souza (link to my previous post).

Perhaps that’s because I had positive things to say about Dinesh’s performance and negative things to say about the performance of Archbishop Onaiyekan. That is a bit odd, though, because I didn’t see Shea complain when Patrick Madrid posted this same debate and said negative things about Archbishop Onaiyekan’s performance (link to Madrid’s post).

Shea mentions something about cheering from the peanut gallery, but frankly if you read my post, there isn’t actually any “cheering” going on there. In fact, there was more cheering in the Dinesh post than in the Onaiyekan post.

What makes Shea’s botched potshot more amusing is that so far no atheists have complained about “weird partisanship” because of my comments about Dinesh. Although, in fairness, Roman Catholic Dave Armstrong did mock me for my post saying something nice about Dinesh’s performance (link to Dave Armstrong’s mockery).

So, when I post a debate that went poorly for Rome, I get targeted by Shea while he leaves Madrid alone; meanwhile when I post a debate that goes well by a Roman Catholic debater I get targeted by Armstrong.

The moral of the story: you can’t make folks with double standards happy.

Is Roman Catholicism a Force for Good in the World?

November 17, 2009

The following is a debate featuring Roman Catholics Archbishop John Onaiyekan and MP Anne Widdecombe (Conservative) against Stephen Fry and Christopher Hitchens. The debate went well for the Negative according to the poll results released during the debate. Patrick Madrid, who brought this to my attention, agreed with Richard Dawkins in characterizing the debate as “a rout.” (link to Madrid) Madrid seems to think that if Peter Kreeft, Benjamin Wiker, Robert George, Dinesh D’Souza, Helen Alvare, Alan Keyes, John Corapi, or Scott Hahn had debated for the Roman Catholic position, the result would have been different.

The result is what it is. I would not tend to base my criticism of Roman Catholicism on the grounds that Hitchens and Fry used.

Link to video – Sorry, but embedding seems to have problems not auto-playing.

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