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Reductio Argument for Psalmody

September 20, 2008

Jason Robertson at Fide-O has provided what he belives is the “greatest argument for psalmody only.” (link) As much as I am happy for arguments for the Regulative Principle of Worship, I think what makes these videos so glaringly bad is their violation of the third rather than that second commandment: their irreverent and even absurd tone (as well as some bad theology mixed in).

As much as I desire my brethren to be united in the singing of the inspired songs, these sort of reductio arguments have limited value, since we would not prohibit alcohol simply because of a few videos of men doing foolish things while drunk. Even so, I wouldn’t encourage anyone to take refuge in exclusive psalmody simply because of the abuses of the “normative principle” illustrated in these videos.


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