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Insight Theological Seminary

April 20, 2008

Today I received some spam for the “Insight Theological Seminary.” It is, apparently, a new seminary that is offering on-line theological education. Apparently the way it works is that the seminary assigns course-work in the form of textbook readings. Then, the tests are passages taken from those textbooks, in which key words have been removed. The student fills in the blanks as a test of the student’s knowledge.

It may be helpful for some people – and I hope it is. It is, of course, not accredited. I have not seen the curriculum, and clearly the value of the program is largely dependent on what one puts into it as well as on the curriculum. Obviously, one needs to realize that a degree from ITS is not particularly significant in the academic world.

Oh well. It was interesting to hear about the program. I hope it will actually be of benefit to people, and not simply be a way to generate diplomas for people who want to say they have a degree in thus-and-such.


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