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Major Innovations of Vatican II as to its New Ecclesiology

January 28, 2013

One expects to hear of Vatican II’s major innovations either from the traditionalist critics or “ordain a lady” type liberals, but it was interesting to read this report from the Vatican Information System, which described Cardinal Coccopalmerio’s discussion of the relationship between the 1983 code of canon law (which replaced the 1917 code of canon law) and the Vatican II council:

Cardinal Coccopalmerio began his address with the recollection that Blessed John XXIII, in his speech convening Vatican Council II in 1959, explained that the Council’s legal scope was to bring about the awaited revision of the 1917 Code. “In his broad perspective, the Pope saw clearly that the revision of the Code had to be guided by the new ecclesiology that emerged from an ecumenical and a global summit such as the Council.” Blessed John Paul II, under whose pontificate the Code was promulgated, also repeated that “the council’s ecclesiological structure clearly required a renewed formulation of its laws”.

“As John Paul II emphasized at the beginning of the Apostolic Constitution ‘Sacrae disciplinae leges’, the reason for the close relationship between Vatican Council II and the Code of Canon Law was that the 1983 Code was the culmination of Vatican II … in two ways: on the one hand, it embraces the Council, solemnly reproposing fundamental institutions and major innovations and, on the other, establishing positive norms for implementing the Council.”

(VIS, 22 January 2013)

Acknowledging “major innovations” and a “new ecclesiology” is remarkably more candid than the line we hear from the “Called to Communion” folks, who sometimes seem to act as though Rome’s ecclesiology is something divine.


Doctrinal Innovation on the Horizon

February 11, 2008

As reported here (linklink to the source), and previously predicted by Dr. James White, five cardinals have begun the process necsesary to persuade Benedict XVI to dogmatize certain Marian dogmas that are (in some cases) clearly contrary to Scripture and (in those and in other cases) without exegetical Scriptural warrant.

The blasphemous proposed wording is as follows:

Jesus Christ, the Redeemer of man, gave to humanity from the Cross his mother Mary to be the spiritual Mother of all peoples, the Co-redemptrix, who under and with her Son cooperated in the Redemption of all people; the Mediatrix of all graces, who as Mother brings us the gifts of eternal life; and the Advocate, who presents our prayers to her Son.

I hope that God will have mercy on the Roman Catholic Church and preserve them from this blasphemous further descent into Mariolatry. I don’t have great confidence that He will do so, and if He does not, it will be a judgment against what remains formally and in name a church of Christ, but which has long ceased to preach with purity the gospel of Christ.


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