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I Didn’t Know it was an Elected Position!

November 14, 2012

A friend messaged me this quasi-amusing example of psuedo-popery (link to pseudo-popery).

Five Solas Bacon

June 23, 2012

Five Solas Bacon | the delicious second course | to TULIP bacon
By grace alone saved | All that justifies is faith | Canon suffices
Only Christ’s Merit | None but God glory receives | (five tasty solas)

Long version:

By grace alone saved | not by merits of our own | only by mercy

A sinner made just | justified by faith in Christ | justice imputed

Canon suffices | clearly shows what is needed | Word of God alone

Only Christ’s merit | not from our fellow sinners | one sole redeemer

None glory but God | All glory to our one Rock | Our foundation stone


Open Letter to Frank Turk

February 23, 2011

Dear Centuri0n,

What’s the deal with all the open letters? (such as this one)(and this one)(and this one)(and this one)(and this one)(and this one)(and this one) Have you forgotten how to write regular letters?

Yours truly,


From the Department of True But Misleading Headlines …

June 15, 2010

Pope Decides to Retire At End of Month” (courtesy of my friend Matthew Lankford, who runs Adferit)

Ergun Caner in Arabic-ish Gear

June 3, 2010

An anonymous commenter left this link, which he alleges: “may be the video that ends it all.” The only thing it is likely to end is your dour mood by giving you a chuckle. In any event, it does have Ergun Caner and he is wearing Arabic-ish gear (think Aladdin):

(link to video)Enjoy! (and note the tags for this post)


False Ecumenicism

April 22, 2009

In this discussion, our undercover correspondent discusses false ecumenicism with someone who tries, initially, to claim that he is not interested in making converts.

(direct link to video)

Machina, Ora Pro Nobis?

March 27, 2009

If this “worked,” which (of course) it doesn’t, it would be simony (link). It’s yet another example of life being stranger than fiction.


Steve Hays Almost Blows My Cover!

March 5, 2009

The juicy details can be found here (link).

So You Want to Root Out Calvinism?

December 11, 2008

Here’s a video that humorously (or at least that is the intent) illustrates a number classic errors that are frequently used by opponents of Calvinism.

There is some nice marching music in the background, but no verbal material in the audio – so if you need to turn off the audio, you won’t miss any of the substance. I obviously don’t endorse the use of a purported image of Christ in the video.

Hat tip to JM of the Puritanboard for pointing this video out to me (link).


More Batting About On the Blind Quest to Besmirch "Protestantism"

November 27, 2008

Bellisario, not the biggest fan of rap music (as discussed previously), has decided to try to remedy his previous deficient selection of a rap music video. He now claims,

When I posted my last blog article on bad Sacred Music I had several Protestants try and [sic] tell me that it was never used in Church, but that it was just for entertainment. Well here it is being used by two clowns in a Protestant “church”. I guess they think it is edifying to have people watch them act like two fools in a “church” with bad music playing. The one below has a guy rapping in a “church” service.

(source) Let’s examine these statements.

1) The criticism to which Bellisario is referring is the criticism that the rap music video he posted was entertainment, not worship. Neither of the two videos that Bellisario has now posted are worship either. Both are for entertainment rather than worship. So, unfortunately, Bellisario hasn’t found a solution to his problem.

2) Yes, both videos are taken from within a Baptist (or at least it appears to be Baptist) church sanctuary. However, neither is during a worship service. What Bellisario may not realize is that many folks don’t view the interiors of church buildings as though they possessed some special aura of spirituality, such that they can never be used for anything but worship. One wonders whether Bellisario would think that even Catholicism was so rigid.

3) Bellisario’s claim with regard to the second video in his post just isn’t even true, as he would have discovered if he had taken the 30 seconds necessary to check out the information associated with the video, which explains that the performance was during an annual Thanksgiving talent show. Likewise, the first video’s information also indicates that it is from a non-worship service, namely the end of a kids’ summer camp.

4) Given Bellisario’s apparent view that rap music is such a degradation, one wonders whether Bellisario has bothered to note that rap music is not the exclusive domain of non-papists. Upon whom will Bellisario blame the following video, and to what will Bellisario attributes its degradation from that ultimate expression of musical genius, the Gregorian chant?

5) If Bellisario searched long enough he could probably find someone who had decided to incorporate a rap performance into a church service. In my view, that would be a travesty indeed – there is no place for performance in the middle of worship service. It would indeed be a degradation of worship, not because rap is such an inferior kind of music, but because God has not asked to be worshiped through performance art. On the other hand, given the lunacy one sees among the “Call to Action” types (and the like – do I even need to post the videos?) within Catholicism, I wouldn’t be surprised if some folks who are still part of the Roman communion have done the same thing.


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