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Hats Off to King Juan Carlos

November 13, 2007

His royal majesty, King Juan Carlos of Spain, recently had the guts to tell Venezula’s dictator, Hugo Chavez, to shut up. Considering Chavez is a powerful and well-connected man, such a comment took courage, even if it was born from frustration at Chavez’ churlish behavior.

May God save the King!


UPDATE: Now Chavez wants an apology, while claiming that he didn’t hear the comment, but if he had, he would have “stared him down like an Indian” (i.e. the way South American Indians stare people down). No seriously, read for yourself (link).

File this under false prophecy plain stupidity

August 26, 2007

“Those who want him to die will be frustrated, because Fidel Castro will never die.”

Hugo Chavez


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