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Karl Joseph von Hefele – A History of the Christian Councils: from the original documents

June 11, 2010

The work of von Hefele in assembling the materials regarding the history of Christian councils is significant. While his opinions and conclusions may be subject to bias, I have yet to hear any criticism that he falsified the source materials included in his work. With that in mind, I present the following downloadable editions of his work in English translation (translation from the German original by William R. Clark):

Second Edition, Revised (1872)

Volume 1 (second copy)


Volume 2 (Second Copy)

Second Edition, Revised (1883)

Volume 1


Volume 3 (Second Copy)

Second Edition, Revised (1894)

Volume 1 (Second Copy)


Volume 4 (Second Copy)


Volume 2

Volume 5 (Second Copy)

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