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Aim of Some Romanist Apologetics

July 30, 2008

Dr. White has a new video out objecting to some of the irrelevant personal tangents that some apologists seem compelled to follow:

Meanwhile, aiming somewhat higher, a blog response I ran across today tackles the important issue of Dr. White’s hats (link) (warning, prominent supposed representation of Jesus) Now, bear in mind that (unlike the attacks Dr. White pointed out in his article), the hats article is not insidious. It is simply amusing as an example of the non-substantive responses to Dr. White’s presentations that one sees.

Indeed, let me be clear: there’s nothing wrong with the hats article as such. I am sure that everyone posts articles that are non-substantive from time to time, and doubtless the point of this particular post was simply to amuse the reader (and it worked on me).


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