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Glossa Ordinaria Electronica

September 30, 2008

The Glossa Ordinaria is attributed to a 9th century German man named Strabo, who compiled commentary on the Bible, including quotations either from or attributed various church fathers. This gloss never seems to have been officially sanctioned by the pope, but was referenced as being of high authority by Thomas Aquinas. It was popular in the medieval period, and consequently is a valuable aid both for polemicists/apologists and historical theology buffs, as it has an influence to one degree or another on medieval theology.

Now, the scans of a 1603 printing of the Vulgate together with the Glossa Ordinaria have become available, thanks to Sorry, it is still only in Latin.

The following are the pages for each of the six volumes as well as a link to the Black and White pdf available for that volume (other formats of the scan are also available).

Volume 1 (b/w pdf) (about 134 MB)
Volume 2 (b/w pdf) (about 116 MB)
Volume 3 (b/w pdf) (about 162 MB)
Volume 4 (b/w pdf) (about 180 MB)
Volume 5 (b/w pdf) (about 139 MB)
Volume 6 (b/w pdf) (about 128 MB)



H.T. to Historical TheoBlogy (link) for bringing this to my attention.

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