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Russia – Georgia – Plus Two?

September 19, 2008

Wade Burleson at Grace and Truth to You has an interesting post in which he speculates that the Russia/Georgia conflict was actually Russia using the border skirmishes as a pretext to support Iran militarily by disrupting Israeli plans to use Georgian airbases as launching points for a bombing run. (link) I don’t buy it, but it is an interesting theory. I’m just thankful that the fighting at the Russian/Georgian/Ossetian/Abkhazian borders has stopped or at least diminished.


Christian vs. Christian

August 11, 2008

Please consider praying for peace between the neighboring nations of Georgia (almost 90 “Orthodox”) and Russia (at least about 20% “Orthodox” and perhaps higher). Without taking sides on the issue of who started and who is to blame, please consider praying that peace will be restored between these two nations.


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