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What’s Wrong with This Image? (Blessed Virgin Mary Meets Grandma Eve)

April 10, 2013
Grandma Eve and the Blessed Virgin Mary
Can You Spot the Errors?

The image at right was posted by Bryan Cross over at Called to Communion as a comment on a post regarding the “Solemnity of the Annunciation of Jesus Christ.”  What’s wrong with this image, leaving aside the obvious and intentional anachronism?

1) Grandma Eve’s Legs and Looks
For some reason, Eve has a fruit in hand, but no fig leaves yet.  Nevertheless she seems to have a 21st century conception of female modesty, feeling the need to wear her hair so as to cover only from the top of the legs up.  Also, why make Eve and Mary look like Western Europeans?  These are really the least of our problems with this picture, though.
2) Who is the New Eve?
Eve was the bride of Adam.  Mary is not the bride of Christ, the church is.
Eve is our physical mother.  Mary is not our spiritual mother, the church is.
Adam brought forth Eve. Jesus brought forth the church.
Mary is not the “new Eve” – if anything is, the church is.  Mary, as greatly blessed as she was, is merely a member of that church.
3) Who crushed the head of the serpent?
The picture reflects the old Vulgate’s erroneous translation “ipsa conteret caput tuum” (she will crush your head) rather than the new Vulgate’s more accurate translation “ipsum conteret caput tuum” (it [i.e. the seed] will crush your head).

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