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Gallup Mystery

August 2, 2008

Are these two news stories connected in more than one way? (Gallup Bishop Apologizes for Abuse by Underlings) (Former Gallup Bishop Changes Story about Own Injury)

If I were the Gallup police, I would be making that connection, and investigating it.

Note: I will not be tolerating accusations in the combox that the former bishop did anything unseemly (other than stating something besides the truth). As far as I know, and this is important, there have been no accusations that Pelotte did what his underlings did, and nothing in this post should be taken to suggest otherwise. Also, if you have information pertinent to what I think ought to be a criminal investigation (the Gallup police disagree), I suggest you contact the appropriate Arizona officials (prosecutor’s office or the like).

Pelotte’s own haunting comment regarding the identity of the person who caused his injuries: “You’ll never find him.”

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