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Turretin Resources

March 19, 2008

I recently came across an interesting, French-language web site called Calvinisme, that has some helpful resources.

(link to index page for Turretin)

Gerrit Keizer biography of Turretin, “François Turrettini, Sa Vie et Ses Oeuvres, et la Consensus

Sermon 1 by Turretin, “Le Bonheur du Peuple de Dieu

Sermon 111 by Turretin, “Le Réveil et la Résurrection du Pécheur

I hope that perhaps the owner of the web site may scan some additional sermons of Turretin into PDF form, so that the world may benefit.


Benedict Pictet – Son in Law of Francis Turretin

February 5, 2008

Benedict Pictet was the Son-in-Law and spiritual successor of Turretin in Geneva.

Here are a list of his works that are currently available (to my knowledge). Sadly, only one is currently freely available in English.

Pictet, Benedict – Brevis Syllabus Controversarium (Brief Syllabus of Controversies) (Latin) (link)
Pictet, Benedict – Theologia Christiana (Christian Theology) (Latin) (link) (this may be incomplete, as the entire work may span multiple volumes)
Pictet, Benedict – Christian Theology (in English!) (link) (pdf from ( black and white pdf from (txt format)
Pictet, Benedict – Traite Centre L’Indifference Des Religions (Main Traits of Religious Indifference) (French) (link)
Pictet, Benedict – La Morale Chretienne ou L’Art De Bien Vivre (The Moral Christian or the Art of the Good Life) (French) (link)
Pictet, Benedict – Prières pour tous les jours de la semaine (Prayers for all the days of the week) (French) (link)

Finally, here is a quick biography of the man:
de Bude, Eugene – Vie de Benedict Pictet (Life of Benedict Pictet) (French) (link)


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