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Miscellaneous Free Translations

April 11, 2013

Some of these works may be of greater interest to some of my audience than to others, but I’m thankful that each of the following currently available for free. Thanks to Roger Pearse for pointing me in the right direction:

Armistead, Mary Allyson – The Middle English Physiologus: A Critical Translation and Commentary (link) (127 pp.)

Bennett, Byard John – The Origin of Evil: Didymus the Blind’s Contra Manichaeos and its Debt to Origen’s Theology and Exegesis (link) (404 pp.)

Croft, Alice Thomspon – Didymus the Blind on 1 Corinthians 15 (link) (146 pp.)

Haase, Barbara S. – Ennodius’ panegyric to Theoderic to Great: A translation and commentary. (link) (110 pp.)

Hegedus, Timothy Michael – Jerome’s commentary on Jonah: Translation with introduction and critical notes (link) (pp. 163)

Heisler, Jeanne Marie – Gnat or Apostolic Bee: A Translation and Commentary on Theodoret’s Commentary on Jonah (link) (242 pp.)

Pettipiece, Timothy James – Heracleon: Fragments of early Valentinian exegesis. Text, translation, and commentary (link) (189 pp.)

Pratelli, Simone Isacco Maria – Gregory Barhebraeus’ Commentary on the Twelve Prophets in the “Storehouse of Mysteries”. Introduction, Critical Text, and Translation. (link) (164 pp. + 44 pp.)

Shute, Dan – Peter Martyr and the Rabbinic Bible in the Interpretation of Lamentations (link) (908 pp.)

Smith, Yancy Warren – Hippolytus’ Commentary on the Song of Songs in Social and Critical Context (link) (578 pp.)


Resources: Adferit

April 29, 2010

Adferit is a news feed on Twitter (link to feed). The guy who runs it, Matthew Lankford (who also runs my unofficial Facebook fanpage), provides a variety of interesting news items in any easy to digest and access format.


April 28, 2010

My friend Dr. White is the director of Alpha and Omega Ministries and an elder (Reformed Baptists apparently don’t distinguish between teaching and ruling elders) at the Phoenix Reformed Baptist Church. His website,, is full of a variety of resources. There is of course the blog, where I am a contributor (link). There is also a page of apologetic helps (link to page) on specific topics, such as Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, and Roman Catholicism. There is also information about how to visit Dr. White’s Internet Relay Chat (IRC) text chat channel (link to information). Furthermore, there is information on his twice weekly webcast, the Dividing Line (link to information), which can be heard live in streaming format and is normally uploaded shortly afterward in a podcast format.

Resources: Triablogue

April 27, 2010

Triablogue has a wealth of information thanks to its high quality contributers (link to Triablogue). Back in 2007 they kindly featured one of my posts on Molinism (link to the post). Molinism, Arminianism, Romanism, Atheism, and many other -isms are addressed by the erudite blogging team.

Resources: Iron Sharpens Iron

April 26, 2010

Iron Sharpens Iron is a radio program, but it has an Internet presence. You can visit the blog here (link) and you can listen live daily from 6-7 pm local time (NY) here (link). The Iron Sharpens Iron program is hosted by dynamic host Chris Arnzen. He was gracious enough to invite me on to discuss Harold Camping’s erroneous views of Scripture and the end times (link to episode).

Resources: Lane Chaplin

April 15, 2010

Lane Chaplin has several resources of interest. The first is Lane’s Blog which also serves as a clearinghouse for his other resources. He has a podcast called “Rightly Divided.” He also has a very popular YouTube channel, which is the leading source of sermons by Paul Washer but also has numerous other videos of interest. Lane has also kindly served as a moderator for my series of debates with William Albrecht.


April 14, 2010 (motto: Because Method Matters) provides a variety of resources relating to, you guessed it, apologetics. There are a number of papers (link) as well as a blog (link). There is also a series of podcasts known as the Provocative Microphone (I was honored to appear as a guest on one episode). It hasn’t been especially active recently, but I understand that the owner plans to get it going again in May.

Resources: "This Week in Calvinism"

April 13, 2010

Lee Shelton IV posts (generally weekly) an item he calls “This Week in Calvinism” (link to the series). It covers interesting posts on Calvinism, including criticisms of Calvinism. My understanding is that he uses “Calvinism” quite broadly; where or not I’m mistaken in my understanding, his round-up posts are enjoyable.


April 12, 2010

Probably most of my readers are already familiar with this site. For those that are not, provides a wealth of theological resources, many hosted and many more linked. It not only has links to countless articles but also to mp3s, if you prefer audio. If you prefer to have theology in print, there is a bookstore (Monergism Books) connected with the site.

More Digitized Books

March 24, 2010

I was pleased to see that there is a digitization project underway in Switzerland. While I have not found any of the particularly rare books for which I was looking, there are a number of excellent works published in Geneva that have been digitized (link to accent). One of those books is even in English, although Latin dominates, and French takes the lion’s share of the remainder.

Thanks to Historical TheoBlogy for bringing this to my attention.

– TurretinFan

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