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A Challenge for Reformation Scholarship

December 16, 2008

While many important Reformation works were printed, there remains much handwritten material. There are several projects that have taken on the challenge of converting handwritten material to printed and/or electronic form. For an example of the challenge involved, check out this recent post at Evangelical Textual Criticism (link) and try your hand at transcribing this short (half page?) note apparently by the famous textual scholar Tischendorf.


BBC on Siniaticus – Three Reactions

October 7, 2008

As someone once pointed out to me, it seems journalists are able to get a handle on most topics. The topics that they really botch are the ones you personally happen to know something about.

Three blogs that know something about the textual transmission of the New Testament react to the BBC’s discussion of Siniaticus:

Dr. James White at the Team Apologian blog (link).

MAV at the HoldFast blog (link).

Dirk Jongkind at the Evangelical Textual Criticism blog (link).



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