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Blueprint for Reliability Following the Lord’s Example

October 29, 2009

Gennadius (died about A.D. 496) on James of Nisibis (aka “the Wise”) (died after A.D. 350): “He composed also a Chronicle of little interest indeed to the Greeks, but of great reliability in that it is constructed only on the authority of the Divine Scriptures.” (Gennadius, Supplement to Jerome’s Illustrious Men, Chapter 1)

Gennadius (died about A.D. 496) on Evagrius the Monk (lived about A.D. 345 – 399): “He was first to mention or among the first at least to teach these setting against them [i.e. the eight principal sins] eight books taken from the testimony of the Holy Scriptures only, after the example of our Lord, who always met his tempter with quotations from Scripture, so that every suggestion, whether of the devil or of depraved nature had a testimony against it.” (Gennadius, Supplement to Jerome’s Illustrious Men, Chapter 11)

But, according to Patrick Madrid, Sola Scriptura is a “Blueprint for Anarchy” and alleges that it is “unhistorical, unbiblical and unworkable.” Let the reader consider whether to trust Madrid or Gennadius.


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