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Who is to Blame for Svendsen’s Book?

October 13, 2008

In response to this post (link) promoting a freely-downloadable mp3 related to Eric Svendsen’s book, “Upon this Slippery Rock: Countering Roman Catholic Claims to Authority,” Mr. Bellisario provided the following commentary, which I intersperse with my comments:

MB: “Wow. If Sola Scriptura is so simple and easy to get, then why do all of these simple-simons need Svendsen’s book to explain it all?

I answer: As you can see from the title of the book, the reason is the false claims of the advocates of Catholicism. Furthermore, of course, while Sola Scriptura is simple and easy to get (“the Bible is the only infallible rule of faith that we have”) sometimes the devious and even Jesuitical objections to it are not simple and easy to get, and can be confusing for some people.

MB: “It’s not Sola Scriptura, its Sola Svendsen.

I answer: This is just silly. Mr. Bellisario should know better than to make this kind of claim. Reformation Christianity does not deny the value of teachers, it just doesn’t elevate them to the level of God’s own Word: Scripture. Svendsen never makes himself out to be an infallible rule of faith – a fact that should be as simple and easy to get as Sola Scriptura itself.

MB: “Scripture isn’t plain enough for all of you to understand. You need Svendsen to rescue your faith! Wow this is too good to be true.

I answer: This criticism seems to be founded on the same false premise as the one above, in which Sola Scriptura leaves no place for teachers. It’s also based on a further straw man, which is the idea that the position of Sola Scriptura means that ALL doctrines of Scripture are alike plain. Of course, the truth is different from the straw men. There is a role for teachers in the church, and one of their roles is to help explain doctrines – including the less clear doctrines. Furthermore, of course, even though Sola Scriptura is a very simple concept, the issues become complicated by heretical objections from a variety of sources, principally those who bow the knee to the Roman Pontiff (one knee only, of course, as explained in Steve’s post here)

MB: “I just love the advertisement for his book. All we need now is Billy Maze to sell it on lat night TV. Call now and you’ll receive Svendsen’s set of chopping knives for cutting out Rome’s heresy!

I answer: This scoffing does tend to serve as a thing that speaks for itself as to the attitude of the critic. No further comment, therefore, is needed.


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