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Curse of the Billy Goat vs. Holy Water

October 1, 2008

In the “Holy Water Debate” (link to debate), I had made a comparison between the superstitions in baseball and the medieval superstitions surrounding “Holy Water.” Unexpectedly, the two have merged for TBS has broadcast some footage of a papist priest sprinkling the Cubs’ dugout with “Holy Water,” evidently in an effort to reverse the “Curse of the Billy Goat” – the supposed explanation for the failure of the Cubs to win a World Series in a very long time.

Nota Bene: Sprinkling Holy Water to win baseball games is not something that has ever, to my knowledge, been infallibly taught by the Vatican magisterium. In fact, the CCC warns against superstition. That doesn’t seem to stop it from happening in Catholicism.

If anyone can tell me the name of the priest (Matthew in the combox has noted that this is “Father” James Greaneus who, according to the article provided, is from the Midwest), his bishop, and whether his activity was sanctioned, I would be appreciative.


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