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Vatican vs. San Francisco

July 16, 2008

World Net Daily has a rather one-sided article (favoring the Vatican) reporting on a recent clash between the Vatican and the City of San Francisco. (link) Obviously, the issue is homosexuality. It’s unclear to me why the Vatican thinks that suing the City of San Francisco over what amounts to nothing more than a statement of opinion is good use of their resources, but evidently the case has not only been brought to court, but appealed to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

In one way, it is kind of interesting to see how both groups view the other as employing hatespeech: the sodomites call the papists “anti-gay” and intolerant, meanwhile the papists call the sodomites “anti-Catholic” and intolerant.

In another way, it is sad to see that this is even an issue. Homosexual behavior is plainly contrary to Scripture. It is sinful, just as any sexual relations outside of legitimate marriage are sinful. It really ought to be a crime, but that’s not what the majority of judges want.

May God have mercy on America,


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