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Is Roman Catholicism a Force for Good in the World?

November 17, 2009

The following is a debate featuring Roman Catholics Archbishop John Onaiyekan and MP Anne Widdecombe (Conservative) against Stephen Fry and Christopher Hitchens. The debate went well for the Negative according to the poll results released during the debate. Patrick Madrid, who brought this to my attention, agreed with Richard Dawkins in characterizing the debate as “a rout.” (link to Madrid) Madrid seems to think that if Peter Kreeft, Benjamin Wiker, Robert George, Dinesh D’Souza, Helen Alvare, Alan Keyes, John Corapi, or Scott Hahn had debated for the Roman Catholic position, the result would have been different.

The result is what it is. I would not tend to base my criticism of Roman Catholicism on the grounds that Hitchens and Fry used.

Link to video – Sorry, but embedding seems to have problems not auto-playing.

Is Christianity the Problem?

July 7, 2008

I recently enjoyed listening to a debate between Dinesh D’Souza (representing the Christian point of view) and Christopher Hitchens (representing the non-Christian point of view) on the topic: Is Christianity the Problem? While Dinesh used some arguments I would never use (and seemed to base part of his argument on “free will” in a libertarian sense), he made some good points that Professor Hitchens had trouble addressing. Both men have sharp wits, and it shows. There were a few points at which the debate started to get a little sharp-edged, but on the whole it seemed to be reasonably calm and moderate. If you have interest, consider blocking off an hour and forty minutes to listen to the debate in its entirety. (link)

Response to Hitchens’ Complaint about Human Suffering

February 5, 2008

In the video above, Dr. James White addresses atheist Christopher Hitchens’ complaint that man was suffering for a long time, while God was just watching.

What is the answer?

Hitchens has not addressed Christianity. Christianity asserts that God has had a plan from the very beginning and that nothing comes to pass that is not part of God’s plan, and that is not for the best.

Of course, many things come to pass that are not the “best” for that particular person, but the appropriate worldview is God’s perspective, not that of the individual man.

Christianity is not a form of theofic humanism, in which God plays the role of Santa Claus to a deserving mass of humanity. Instead, Christianity is a God-centred religion in which all that is, is directed to His glory.

May our Creator and Provider be praised!


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