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Christ is Risen! He Truly is Risen!

April 26, 2008

The title of this refrain is what has been and will continue to be shouted in various time zones moving westward tonight as the “Orthodox” old calendar churches celebrate Pascha (i.e. “Easter”).

Christ truly is risen.

I realize that there are “Orthodox” folks out there with a very wide variety of beliefs. I hope and pray that many do trust in Christ alone for salvation. I hope that this celebration, which can be a very Christ-centered celebration (even if heavily burdened with old, but merely human, traditions), will remind those present that Christ alone saves, by faith alone in Him alone. That is the once-delivered and everywhere-received gospel: a gospel of repentance from sin and trust in the finished work of Christ our risen Savior!

Praise be to His glorious name!


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