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New Look for Debate Blog

May 10, 2008

In advance of the upcoming Sola Scriptura debate, Carrie (of “These are Written” & “Beggars All Reformation“) has provided a new banner to improve the look of the debate blog. You’ll see that it is similar in look to the banner of the blog you’re reading right now. The reason: Carrie also graciously provided the banner for the “Thoughts of Francis Turretin” blog.

Carrie’s taking a break from blogging for a bit, but she was kind enough to take the time to design a a banner for the blog. And I understand I’m not the first (and second) blog to receive such a boon from her. Thanks very much to Carrie for her quality graphics work!


Gene Stirs the Pot

January 10, 2008

Gene, over at Triablogue, has stirred the Holy Water pot with a recent post (link) that addresses some of the issues he sees with the post presented by Dave Armstrong (link provided via this earlier post), generally approving (and minorly editing) PhatCatholic’s opening argument in the Holy Water Debate. Carrie adds (at least) a few ripples with her quotation on the power of priests (link).

UPDATE: Dave Armstrong has replied (link) in not perhaps the nicest of tones, which included (at the time of writing this, a concluding paragraph threatening Gene’s soul).

UPDATE: Gene has responded (link) to Dave’s reply.

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