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Called to This Communion?

March 28, 2013

Roman Catholic Michael Voris has a new video railing against Cardinal Dolan and Cardinal Wuerl because they admit to communion those who Voris thinks should be excluded – especially Voris’ Vice President, Joe Biden. Here’s the video:

If you are a Roman Catholic who disagrees with Voris, you are a “Dolanite.” Ironically, Voris’ own bishop has forbidden him from using the term “Catholic” to describe his own activities (link).

Voris tries to appeal to Pope Francis’ supposedly hard line against pro-abortion politicians, but Biden was also given communion at Pope Francis’ inaugural mass together with Nancy Pelosi (as reported here).

And the folks at “Called to Communion” want me to join this communion with the supposed benefit being visible unity? No thanks.


For Those in the Roman Communion Who Want to Own Ryan but not Biden…

October 19, 2012

Consider that the corpulent Cardinal Dolan is willing to publicly call both Paul Ryan and Joe Biden “Catholics” in his speech (about one minute, twenty seconds into his remarks) at the Al Smith dinner. The easily offended might want to stop just after that bit, though, and before his joke involving Benedict XVI.

It was nice to see him identify Mormons separately from “Protestants.” However, Cardinal Dolan then shortly afterward suggested that both Obama and Romney have a “love of God and country.” Which god exactly do either of those men love?

Dolan went on to identify something he called the “five finger gospel.” It’s a handy mneumonic for “You (1) do (2) it (3) to (4) me (5).” On the other hand (UPDATE: no pun intended), that’s not the gospel – that’s the law.

Here Cardinal Dolan’s remarks:

You can also find Romney’s remarks here (link) and Obama’s remarks here (link). Personally, I thought Romney’s jokes were more funny, though for some reason he felt it necessary to make about three references to the fact that he totally abstains from alcohol.

– TurretinFan

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