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St. Bernard of Clairvaux – Index

June 8, 2011

This is an index of the works of St. Bernard of Clairvaux, one of the most significant medieval theologians (A.D. 1090 – 1153). Of course, this is just an index of the works I know of, and is – in that sense – a work in progress. If you become aware of other works that I could add to the index, please let me know.


Life and times of Saint Bernard abbot of Clairvaux

Works in English
Life and works of Saint Bernard, Abbot of Clairvaux
Volume 1

  • Preface to English Edition (pp. vii-xvi)
  • General Preface (p. 1)
  • Bernardine Chronology (p. 76)
  • List with Dates of S. Bernard’s Letters (p. 91)
  • Letters 1 – 145 (p. 107)

Volume 2

  • Note on the Seal of S. Bernard (p. 457)
  • Description of the Position and Site of the Abbey of Clairvaux (p. 460)
  • Letters 146 – 189 (p. 468)
  • Note to the Following Treatise (i.e. the treatise against the Errors of Abelard) (p. 549)
  • Letters 190 – 380 (p. 565)

Some letters of Saint Bernard, abbot of Clairvaux (First copy)(Second copy)
Letters (numbered 1-66, though I don’t know if they conform to the same numbering scheme above)

The treatise of St. Bernard, abbat of Clairvaux, concerning grace and free will, addressed to William, abbat of St. Thiery (First copy)(Second copy)

St. Bernard of Clairvaux’s Life of St. Malachy of Armagh (Copy 1)(Copy 2)

  • Life of St. Malachy (p. 1)
  • Letters of St. Bernard (letters 341, 356, 357, and 374)(p. 131)
  • Sermons of St. Bernard on the Passing of St. Malachy (p. 141)
  • Additional Notes (p. 161)

Saint Bernard On consideration

Saint Bernard : The twelve degrees of humility and pride

Saint Bernard on the love of God

Sermons of St. Bernard on Advent and Christmas
I. Advent

  1. Sermon on its Six Circumstances (p. 1)
  2. Sermon on the Words to Achaz, “Ask Thee a Sign,” etc. (p. 14)

II. On the “Missus Est”

  1. Praises of the Virgin-Mother (p. 23)
  2. The Mission of the Angels (p. 33)
  3. Colloquy of the Blessed Virgin and the Angel (p. 48)
  4. The Annunciation, and the Blessed Virgin’s Consent (p. 60)

III. On the Vigil of Our Lord’s Nativity

  1. On the Joy His Birth should Inspire (p. 73)
  2. On the Miraculous Nature of the Nativity (p. 81)
  3. On the Dispositions Required in Those who Celebrate the Feast (p. 89)

IV. On Our Lord’s Nativity

  1. The Fountains of the Saviour (p. 101)
  2. The Three Comminglings (p. 108)
  3. On the Place, Time, and other Circumstances (p. 115)
  4. On the Shepherds Finding Our Lord (p. 122)
  5. On the Words, “Blessed be the God and Father,” etc. (p. 126)

V. On the Circumcision (p. 135)
VI. On the Holy Name and Other Scriptural Titles of Our Lord (p. 141)
VII. On the Epiphany

  1. On “The Goodness and Kindness of Our Saviour hath Appeared” (p. 151)
  2. On “Go Forth, Ye Daughters of Jerusalem” (p. 157)
  3. On the Gifts of the Wise Men (p. 161)

Works in French

Oeuvres de Saint Bernard
Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4

Les plus beaux écrits de Saint Bernard

Works in Latin

Opera Omnia (see PL 182–185)
Volumes 1-2
… Volumes 3-4 not in Archive to my knowledge …
Volume 5

Opera Genuina
Volume 1 (via Google)(second copy)
Volume 2 (via Google)
Volume 3 (via Google)


A Manual of Councils of the Holy Catholic Church | Edward H. Landon

April 20, 2011

One reference book that might interest many of my readers is a Edward H. Landon’s, “A Manual of Councils of the Holy Catholic Church.” Published (as a new and revised edition) in 1909 in two volumes, it can be found on The arrangement of the volumes is a little counter-intuitive. It is arranged in alphabetical order by place name – not the order one might expect from a historical work, but nevertheless a useful order for a reference work. There are some useful appendices in Volume 2 for helping the reader to correlate the “modern” name of the councils with the Latin names and the actual places where the councils were held. The work is, of course, not limited to ecumenical councils. This may serve as a useful supplement to Hefele’s great conciliar work.

Volume 1: A-N

Volume 2: O-Z plus Appendices

There are also older editions, but I am unable to find them on-line at this time.


>Texts and Studies: Contributions to Biblical and Patristic Literature (Index)

October 7, 2010

>The following is an index of the on-line versions of Texts and Studies: Contributions to Biblical and Patristic Literature originally edited by Joseph Armitage Robinson. If you happen to come across additional on-line versions, please let me know. I’ve tried to capture all of Google/Archive’s viewable holdings, but there may be other volumes that escape my attention. I’m also not aware of any on-line index of the contents of all volumes. If anyone knows of that, please let me know, so I can update this index.

Volume 1 (all parts)(1891)(full view)(Archive)
– The Apology of Aristides on behalf of the Christians — Volume 1, Number 1 (first edition?) — Second edition (1893)(google?)(Archive)(Archive Copy 2) — (CCEL)
– The Passion of St. Perpetua — Volume 1, Number 2 (1891)(google?)(Archive)
– The Lord’s Prayer in the Early Church — Volume 1, Number 3 (1891)(full view)
– The Fragments of Heracleon — Volume 1, Number 4 (1891)(full view)

Volume 2 (all parts)(1893)(full view)(Archive)
– A Study of Codex Bezae
– The Testament of Abraham — Volume 2, Number 2 (1892)(google?)(Archive)
– Apocrypha Anecdota

Volume 3 (all parts)(1895)(google?)(Archive)
– The Rules of Tyconius — Volume 3, Number 1 (1894)(full view)(Archive)
– The Fourth Book of Ezra — Volume 3, Number 2 (1895)(full view)(Archive)
– Euthaliana

Volume 4 (all parts)(1896)(google?)(Archive)
– The Athanasian Creed and its early commentaries — Volume 4, Number 1 (1896)(full view)
– Coptic Apocryphal Gospels
– The Old Latin and the Italia — Volume 4, Number 3 (1896)(full view)

Volume 5 (all parts)(1899)(google?)(Archive)
– Apocrypha Anecdota II
– Clement of Alexandria: Quis Dives Salvetur — Volume 5, Number 2 (1897)(full view)
– The Hymn of the Soul — Volume 5, Number 3 (1897)(full view)
– Codex Purpureus Petropolitanus (N)
– Clement’s Biblical Text

Volume 6
The Lausiac History of Palladius — Volume 6, Number 1 (1898)(full view)

Volume 7
The Meaning of Homoousios in the “Constantinopolitan’ Creed — Volume 7, Number 1 (1901)(full view)(Archive)
S. Ephraim’s Quotations from the Gospel — Volume 7, Number 2 (1901)(full view)

Volume 8 (All parts) (1916)(full view)(Archive)
– The Liturgical Homilies of Narsai
– The Mishna on Idolatry `Aboda Zara — Volume 8, Number 2 (1911)(full view)(Archive)
– The Odes of Solomon — Volume 8, Number 3 (1912)(full view)(Archive)
– The So-called Egyptian Church Order and derived documents

Volume 9
Pelagius’s Expositions of Thirteen Epistles of St. Paul, Introduction — Volume 9, Number 1 (1926) (Full view)
Pelagius’s Expositions of Thirteen Epistles of St. Paul, III — Volume 9, Number ? (1926) (Snippet view)

Volume 10
The Explanatio Symboli and Initiandos Volume 10 — (1952) (snippet view)

Volume 11 and following
A Christian Palestinian Syriac Horologion — (1954)(snippet view)
Codex Climaci Rescriptus Graecus — (1956)(snippet view)
The Account of the Tabernacle — (1959)(snippet view)
The Sentences of Sextus — (1959)(snippet view)
The New Testament Text of Saint Ambrose — (1959) (snippet view)
The Turin Fragments of Tyconius’ Commentary on Revelation — (1963) (snippet view)
(1967)(snippet view)

Karl Joseph von Hefele – A History of the Christian Councils: from the original documents

June 11, 2010

The work of von Hefele in assembling the materials regarding the history of Christian councils is significant. While his opinions and conclusions may be subject to bias, I have yet to hear any criticism that he falsified the source materials included in his work. With that in mind, I present the following downloadable editions of his work in English translation (translation from the German original by William R. Clark):

Second Edition, Revised (1872)

Volume 1 (second copy)


Volume 2 (Second Copy)

Second Edition, Revised (1883)

Volume 1


Volume 3 (Second Copy)

Second Edition, Revised (1894)

Volume 1 (Second Copy)


Volume 4 (Second Copy)


Volume 2

Volume 5 (Second Copy)

(all links are to


Polyglot Bible

January 6, 2010

The Old Testament Hebrew Massoretic, Greek Septuagint (LXX), Latin Vulgate, and Luther German texts, in four columns; the New Testament in Greek and Latin and German, the last column annotated with critical notes and variants. 1863. (link to

It’s not the Complutensian Polyglot but it is an interesting source, especially if one knows a bit of older German or Latin better than one knows Greek or Hebrew. In any event, a helpful resource for comparing Luther’s translation to the Vulgate, the LXX, and the original texts.


Works of Hugh Binning – Index

July 29, 2009

Hugh Binning is little known today. However, in his day he was viewed as one of the leading young Scottish ministers. It is even reported that John Owen was left unable to answer his arguments. (link to a brief biographyslightly longer version) He died at the young age of 26, but left behind a body of works that continue to testify to the Spirit that worked in him. Perhaps his works, as well as the more complete biography found in the 1851 edition of his works, will serve as encouragement for young men embarking on ministry, evangelism, and apologetics.

Via Google (1735 Edition)
Via Archive Volume 1 (1839 Edition)
Via Archive Volume 2 (1839 Edition)
Via Archive – Unified Edition (3rd Edition, 1851)

Several of Binning’s works are available in html format, as follows:

The Common Principles of the Christian Religion, Clearly Proved, and Singularly Improved; or, A Practical Catechism.

An Useful Case of Conscience, Learnedly and Accurately Discussed and Resolved, Concerning Associations and Confederacies with Idolaters, Infidels, Heretics, Malignants or any other Known Enemies of Truth and Godliness.

A Treatise of Christian Love.



(More Binning Resources Here)

Works of Cyril of Alexandria (in Greek) – Index Page

March 30, 2009

I realize that the Opera Omnia of Cyril of Alexandria (lived from about A.D. 375 to about A.D. 444) may not be the thing you were hoping to find today, but one never knows when one will need to refer to the Greek originals. When that time comes, you should be able to find the relevant work in one of the following five volumes:



>Augustine: A New Translation – Index Page

March 12, 2009

>This is an index page for the electronic versions of “The works of Aurelius Augustine: a new translation,” Edited by Marcus Dods. It was completed around 1876, so take the description “new” as a relative term. This obviously is not a complete translation of all of Augustine’s works, but it is a good start for anyone who wants to get more familiar with Augustine’s works at a low cost.

1. The city of God, v. 1. Translated by Marcus Dods. (Google)(Archive)

2. The city of God, v. 2. Translated by Marcus Dods. (Google)(Google 2)(Archive)

3. Writings in connection with the Donatist controversy. Translated by J.R. King. (Google)(Google 2)(Google 3)(Archive)

4. The Anti-Pelagian works of Saint Augustine, v. 1. Translated by Peter Holmes. (Google)(Archive)

5. Writings in connection with Manchaean heresy. Translated by Richard Stothert. (Google)(Google 2)(Google 3)(Archive)

6. The letters of Saint Augustine v. 1. Translated by J.G. Cunningham. (Google)(Archive)

7. On the Trinity. Translated by Arthur West Haddan. (Google)(Archive)

8. The sermon on the mount expounded ; and, The harmony of the evangelists. Translated respectively by William Findlay and S.D.F. Salmond. (Google)(Archive)

9. On Christian doctrine; The Enchiridion; On Catechising; and On Faith and the Creed. Translated respectively by J.F. Shaw and S.D. Salmond. (Google)(Archive)

10. Lectures or tractates on the Gospel according to St. John, vol. 1. Translated by John Gibb. (Google)(Archive)

11. Lectures or tractates on the Gospel according to St. John, vol. 2. Translated by James Innes. (Google)(Google 2)(Archive)

12. The Anti-Pelagian works of Saint Augustine, v. 2. Translated by Peter Holmes. (Google)(Google 2)(Archive does not yet appear to have scanned this volume)

13. Letters of Saint Augustine, v. 2. Translated by J.G. Cunningham. (Google)(Archive)

14. The Confessions of Saint Augustine. Translated by J.G. Pilkington. (Google)(Archive does not appear to have copy from original printing)(Archive later printing)(Archive later printing 2)

15. The Anti-Pelagian works of Saint Augustine, v. 3. Translated by Peter Holmes and Robert Ernest Wallis. (Google)(Google 2)(Archive)



>The Ante-Nicene Fathers (Schaff) – Index Page

March 12, 2009

>The Ante-Nicene Fathers (also available at CCEL – except volume 10)

This is the first segment of Schaff’s famous patrology.

1. The Apostolic Fathers with Justin Martyr and Irenaeus (Clement of Rome, Mathetes, Polycarp, Ignatius, Barnabas, Papias, Justin Martyr, Irenaeus.) (Google)(Google 2)(Archive)

2. Fathers of the Second Century (Hermas, Tatian, Theophilus, Athenagoras, Clement of Alexandria) (Google)(Archive)

3. Latin Christianity: Its Founder, Tertullian (Three Parts: I. Apologetic; II. Anti-Marcion; III. Ethical) (Google)(Google 2)(Archive)

4. The Fathers of the Third Century (Tertullian Part IV; Minucius Felix; Commodian; Origen) (Google)(Google 2)(Google 3)(Google 4)(Archive)

5. The Fathers of the Third Century (Hippolytus; Cyprian; Caius; Novatian; Appendix) (Google)(Google 2)(Google 3)(Archive)

6. The Fathers of the Third Century (Gregory Thaumaturgus; Dinoysius the Great; Julius Africanus; Anatolius and Minor Writers; Methodius; Arnobius) (Google)(Google 2)(Google 3)(Archive)

7. The Fathers of the Third and Fourth Centuries (Lactantius, Venantius, Asterius, Victorinus, Dionysius, Apostolic Teaching and Constitutions, Homily, Liturgies)(Google)(Google)(Google 2)(Archive)

8. The Twelve Patriarchs, Excerpts and Epistles, The Clementia, Apocrypha, Decretals, Memoirs of Edessa and Syriac Documents, Remains of the First Ages (Google)(Archive)

9. Recently Discovered Additions to Early Christian Literature; Commentaries of Origen (The Gospel of Peter, The Diatessaron of Tatian, The Apocalypse of Peter, The Visio Pauli, The Apocalypses of the Virgin and Sedrach, The Testament of Abraham, The Acts of Xanthippe and Polyxena, The Narrative of Zosimus, The Apology of Aristides, The Epistles of Clement (Complete Text), Origen’s Commentary on John, Books I-X, Origen’s Commentary on Mathew, Books I, II, and X-XIV)(Google)(Google 2)(Google 3)(Google 4)(Archive)

10. Bibliographic Synopsis; General Index (Google)(Google 2)(Google 3)(Archive)



Ante-Nicene Christian Library – Index Page

March 11, 2009

This an index page for the “Ante-Nicene Christian Library” series, with Alexander Roberts and James Donaldson, editors. This was later – in effect – replaced by the “Ante-Nicene Fathers” series, which I have index here (link to ANF). This could be considered another of the lesser patrologies, dwarfed by Schaff, but mentioned by him in his introduction (link). The Google and Archive versions offer different features. For downloading, though, the Archive versions are generally superior.

1. The Apostolic Fathers. Translated by Alexander Roberts, James Donaldson, and F. Crombie. (Google)(Google 2)(Archive)

2. The Writings of Justin Martyr and Athenagoras. Translated by Marcus Dods, George Reith, and B.P. Pratten. (Google)(Google 2)(Archive)

3. The Writings of Tatian and Theophilus and The Clementine Recognitions. Translated by B.P. Pratten, Marcus Dods, and Thomas Smith. (Google)(Google 2)(Google 3)(Google 4)(Archive)

4. The Writings of Clement of Alexandria (Vol. 1). Translated by William Wilson. (Google)(Archive)

5. The Writings of Irenaeus (Vol. 1). Translated by Alexandre Roberts and W.H. Rambaut. (Google does not appear to have this volume yet.)(Archive)

6. Hippolytus (Vol. 1) The Refutation of All Heresies (translated by J.H. MacMahon) and Fragments from His Commentaries on Various Books of Scripture (translated by S.D.F. Salmond). (Google)(Archive)

7. Tertullian Against Marcion. Translated by Peter Holmes. (Google)(Google 2)(Archive)

8. The Writings of Cyprian (Vol. 1). Translated by Robert Ernest Wallis. (Google)(Google 2)(Archive)

9. The Writings of Irenaeus (Vol. 2), the Writings of Hippolytus (Vol. 2), and Fragments of the Third Century. Translated by ???. (Google)(Google 2)(Google 3)(Archive)

10. The Writings of Origen (Vol. 1). Translated by Frederick Crombie. (Google does not appear to have this volume yet.)(Archive)

11. The Writings of Tertullian (Vol. 1). Translated by Peter Holmes and S. Thelwall. (Google)(Google 2)(Archive)

12. The Writings of Clement of Alexandria (Vol. 2). Translated by William Wilson. (Google)(Google 2)(Archive)

13. The Writings of Cyprian (Vol. 2) together with The Writings of Novatian, Minucius Felix, etc. Translated by Robert Ernest Wallis. (Google)(Archive)

14. The Writings of Methodius, Alexander of Lycopolis, Peter of Alexandria, and Several Fragments. Translated by (in order in the tome) William R. Clark (to p. 230), James B.H. Hawkins (to p. 363), B.L. Pratten (to p. 395), and S.D. Salmond (remainder). (Google)(Google 2)(Archive)

15. The Writings of Tertullian (Vol. 2). Translated by Peter Holmes. (Google)(Google 2)(Archive)

16. Apocryphal Gospels, Acts, and Revelations. Translated by Alexander Walker. (Google)(Archive)

17. The Clementine Homilies and The Apostolic Constitutions. Homilies translated by Thomas Smith (Books 1-4), Peter Peterson (Books 6-12), James Donaldson (Books 13-20), and the Apostolic Constitutions apparently translated by James Donaldson. (Google)(Google 2)(Archive)

18. The Writings of Tertullian (Vol. 3) with the Extant Works of Victorinus and Commodianus. Translated by S. Thelwall (Tertullian), Robert Ernest Wallis (Victorinus and Commodianus). (Google)(Archive)

19. The Seven Books of Arnobius Adversus Gentes. Translated by Hamilton Bryce and Hugh Campbell. (Google)(Google 2)(Archive)

20. The Writings of Gregory Thaumaturgus, Dionysius of Alexandria, and Archelaus. Translated by S.D.F. Salmond (Google)(Google 2)(Archive)

21. The Works of Lactantius (vol. 1). Translated by William Fletcher. (Google)(Google 2)(Archive)

22. The Works of Lactantius (vol. 2) together with The Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs and Fragments of the Second and Third Centuries. Translated by William Fletcher. (Google)(Google 2)(Archive)

23. The Writings of Origen (vol. 2) Orgien contra Celsum (books 2-8). Translated by Frederick Crombie. (Google)(Archive)

24. Early Liturgies and Other Documents. Translated by William MacDonald, George Ross Merry, and Robert Donaldson. (Google)(Archive)



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