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The real Francis Turretin on: Continuing vs. Abrogated Portions of Civil Law

July 10, 2009

One of the areas where I might disagree (with respect to some of the nuances) with the real Francis Turretin, is in his treatment of the Old Testament civil law. Nevertheless, as Andrew Myers has (at Virginia is for Hugenots) kindly provided a quotation from Turretin on this subject (along with other interesting related material), perhaps you’d like to see what he says: (link).

To the glory of our Most High Law-giver!


The real Francis Turretin on: The Tri-Partite Division of the Law

July 3, 2009

At Virginia is for Hugenots, Andrew Meyers has an excellent post on the tri-partite division of the law with explanatory quotations from a variety of authors from Thomas Aquinas (popular with one of my pseudonymous readers) to Francis Turretin. (link)

To the glory of Him who gave good laws to Israel,


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