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Missing the Points – Greek Muslim Responds to Dr. White

March 25, 2008

A Greek Muslim has responded to several comments of Dr. White’s regarding Muslim apologists that butcher the Greek language in their apologetic attempts.

I’m afraid this gentleman (and he certainly seems to be a calm, polite man) has missed the point. The point is not that ALL Muslims do not understand Greek. Dr. White’s points regarding abuse of the Greek language was directed to two or three Muslim apologists.

It’s also worth pointing out that there are important differences between the Greek of the New Testament and Modern Greek. If you listen to the end portion of the challenge, you will hear Greek spoken, Modern Greek. If you listen to Dr. White speaking Greek in his usual presentations, you will typically hear Koine Greek with an Erasmian pronunciation.

I don’t think a debate between someone who speaks Koine Greek and someone who speaks Modern Greek (both speaking their respective versions of the language) would be that useful, but it certainly would be interesting. I doubt Dr. White will accept the challenge, but it was nice that it was offerred.

I enjoyed the creative challenge that this young man presents, although obviously I cannot commend his theological position.

(link to challenge)

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