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The real Francis Turretin on: Inerrancy

January 27, 2010

εξο της παρεμβολης (exotesparemboles) has an interesting post in which he demonstrates from the real Francis Turretin’s writings that the doctrine of Inerrancy is not a 20th century development (link to post).



Want More on the Atonement?

December 12, 2008

The εξο της παρεμβολης blog has provided a somewhat lengthy excerpt from Robert Raymond’s New Systematic Theology (link). He makes many good arguments, and frankly many that do not seem to have any answer in the Universal Atonement world.


εξο της παρεμβολης addresses Purgatory using Turretin

August 22, 2008

Danny at εξο της παρεμβολης has provided an interesting three-part series on Purgatory relying (especially in part 2) on the real Turretin to provide some solid criticism of the innovated doctrine of Purgatory and its impact on the doctrine of sola fide.

Part 1 (link)
Part 2 (link)
Part 3 (link)



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