Ergun Caner Announcing Music School Re-opening(?) At Brewton Parker

Brewton-Parker’s Vimeo page has a video (link – downloading is enabled for now) titled: “Breaking News: President Ergun Caner announces the reopening of the music school at Brewton-Parker College.”

Around 3 minutes in, Ergun Caner states: “I don’t need you money, I don’t need your dollars, I need your students. Bring ’em here.”  That is surprising, considering the current accreditation status of BPC (link to report from SACS).

Around 4:15 in, he states: “Oh, I don’t mind if you bring your money, because what I wanna do is I want SACS to watch with their mouths agape as we build the Stanley Performing Arts Center.”  I do think they may stand with mouths agape, but perhaps not for the same reasons that Caner wants.

Around 4:45 he states: “I’ve never seen a place like this.  I’ve never seen a place where people came in with checks that we have no idea what to do with. That people whose names I didn’t know, who had no reason to trust me, certainly not from what they read, and obviously I’ve only been here 121 days.”  I wonder what reading he is referring to?  Perhaps he’s thinking of the Ergun Caner Affair article, which indexes Caner’s own words from dozens and dozens of sources.


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